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Are water filters worth the trouble?

Most homes today have some type of water filter. It may be located on the water mane, in the kitchen, or installed in the refrigerator’s water system. We are obsessed with filtering the water we use to shower, drink, cook with, and wash our clothes. If you ask these people what the benefits of the filters they use are, most probably have no idea; they just know that filtered water is better than non-filtered water.

While it is necessary, the chlorine in tap water is very harmful to your body. In fact, most tap water contains too much fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals. There have been numerous reports which indicate that the lead content in tap water contributes to learning disorders and other diseases. Drinking contaminated water is known to increase the risk of many types of cancer.

These reasons make a great argument for the use of water filters. With all the filters on the market it is difficult to know which ones work the best. Is it necessary to put filters on all the faucets in the house? Can you bathe with unfiltered water?

In general, it is better to filter than not to filter water. There are around 2,000 known contaminants in average tap water. A pitcher filter will be effective in treating your drinking water, but to have the healthiest water, a whole house filter is the best option. Whole house filters protect you, your clothes, and your appliances. In addition to the internal benefits of water filters, they are a great benefit to your skin and instrumental to reducing irritations. Finally, asthma has been linked to the chlorine in tap water.

Water filters are very affordable. Whole house filters range from $60-$120 and a drinking water filter system can be purchased for as little as $35. If you are on a tight budget, you can purchase a pitcher filter for as little as $10. If you are still unconvinced that water filters are worth the investment, start small. Begin with a pitcher filter. Then you can move up to a filter in your bathroom or a whole house filter. When the investment is made in small increments, it is easier to manage financially.

If you are seeking ways to improve your quality of life, choosing a water filtration system is a great start. Water filtration is one-step in a total wellness program that includes exercise, healthy eating, and regular visits to your doctor and chiropractor.

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