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Improving Posture with Chiropractic


Why is good posture so important?

Having good posture is important for so many reasons. On the outside, good posture makes you look taller and more confident, and who wouldn’t like that? Good posture not only looks good, it feels good, too. People with proper posture experience less lower back pain, fewer neck aches, have better circulation and fewer headaches.

What causes poor posture?

There are many reasons why people have poor posture. Car accidents that cause whiplash can affect the natural curvature of the cervical spine, leading to improper support for the head, which weighs a whopping 12 pounds. Poor posture can also result from heavy bags carried on the shoulder, or repetitive work that requires you to sit in a slouched or bent position for long periods of time. Weak abdominal muscles, bone degeneration and scoliosis, which is an unnatural curvature of the spine, can all contribute to the slouched shoulders and forward-jutting head that make poor posture easy to spot.

What are the long-term risks of poor posture?slouching.jpg

Poor posture over the course of many years has numerous negative effects on the body. People with poor posture often complain of lower back pain that results from slouching, which stretches and weakens the muscles that support the lumbar spine. Poor posture can lead to shallow breathing when the lungs are not able to inflate fully due to skeletal abnormalities that poor posture causes. Early onset of arthritis, headaches, fatigue and poor circulation are all side effects of poor posture. Neck pain is another common complaint of people with slouched shoulders, and experts attribute nearly 80% of neck pain to poor posture[1]!

How chiropractic care can improve posture?

Chiropractors are experts at evaluating poor posture and identifying the root causes. They understand that the core muscles of the abdomen work in tandem with the muscles, tendons and vertebrae of the back and spine to hold the body upright and ensure proper functioning of the entire body, from the brain, right down to the nerves and blood vessels of the toes. Chiropractors are trained to detect the underlying causes of poor posture, and have great success in helping patients correct posture problems. Spinal adjustments bring the back into alignment and help to relieve pain associated with poor posture. Patients are also advised on exercises they can do at home to help strengthen muscles that have weakened due to slouching.

Good posture is an outward sign of confidence and an inward sign of good health, which is why our parents and teachers were so fond of scolding us for slouching. We hope that understanding why posture is so important will encourage you to stand up straight and get regular chiropractic adjustments to maintain proper alignment. As for nagging you to drink your milk and not sit so close to the television….well, we’ll leave those up to you!


And as always, we’re here to help!


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