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Please check out some of our patient reviews!!

Dr. Matthews was knowledgeable, able to explain the problem and very kind. Even though I was just visiting the area he was able to fit me in for a much needed adjustment. He spent a lot of time with me, even though he had a lot of patients. After one visit my back felt so much better. Since I will be moving to the area, Dr. Matthews will be my permanent chiropractor. 07/29/18 Gigi F.

I have called the office at around 3PM, telling them Im in much pain and if they can schedule me for as soon as possible. They have scheduled me for 5:30pm. They were amazing! The person giving me a deep tissue massage really focused on the painful areas, and went beyond his way to help me out. Definitely a great experience, and will be coming back to them! 06/15/18 Aleksandra T.

Matthews Chiropractic is excellent. I was looking for a chiropractor after a car accident and they said come right in. Dr. Matthews and his staff are extremely friendly and professional. Excellent all ways around!! Highly recommend! 05/30/18 David L.

I am currently a patient of Dr. Matthews for neck and back pain.  I have seen other chiropractors over the years but this office is my favorite.From the friendliness of the front office to the cleanliness of the exam rooms I have been very impressed with my care.  Dr. Matthews is very friendly, knowledgeable and always treats me as if no one else is waiting.  i have never felt rushed. Overall, I feel that Dr. Matthews and his office as a whole, really care about my health and are committed to helping me feel better. 05/13/18 V. W.

I totally recommend this practice. My father was my only chiropractor and passed away recently. So, I've been looking to find a chiropractic doctor that was as talented and knowledgeable.  Dr. Matthew's has been very kind and truly empathetic by taking time to get to know me as a patient. But most importantly for my family, he has a true healing touch.  I came in with some twisted muscles from working out and my occupational injuries. His accuracy with adjustments combined with the heat therapies as well as electro stimulation, stretching and take home exercises have set me up for betterment of my ailments. The practice is easy to get to and there is no pushy contracts to be signed. I am happy to  recommend this office to all my friends and family.  Nicole F.  04/16/18

Dr. Matthew's is an awesome chiropractor! Very down to earth and understanding. He definitely wants to get to the root of the problem and fix it so you're not in pain. Not to mention sometimes with my busy work schedule he is very accommodating - he understands things happen. I started going about 3 times a week when I hurt my back and now I'm down to about once a week. My pain has greatly improved and is barely there anymore! Keep in mind going to the chiropractor is not a one time visit and your better, your body needs time and maintenance to heal. I could not recommended Dr. Matthews more to be your chiropractor!    Rebecca L.

I have had numerous treatments over the years, both in massage nd chiropractic work and have found Dr. Matthews to be very goodat resolving my pain. Michael M.

Hands down the best in the field!!! Thank you Brian for keeping my body together -Rudy A

Our family has been going to Dr. Matthews for years for various ailments. With 3 boys in the family physical injuries are frequent. We do not hesitate; we go straight to the source of help and healing. His treatment is up-to-date and always according to the specific need at the time. We go through the treatments and continue with the exercises he recommends for the fastest and most complete healing. We always recommend him when we hear someone is in pain. Thank you Dr. Matthews!  1/18/18 Mary C

I've never had to wait for an appointment and he is great about respecting appointment times.  Dr Brian listens attentively and takes into account that real life happens so we can't exercise 8 hours a day!  Very professional and office is spacious and clean.  I am a snow bird but he treats me as a permanent- year round client.  Highly recommend. -Rebecca L

Dr. Matthews is up to date on the latest treatments and is always professional and caring.  I have had long term issues with my neck and he has made neck feel much better and that is amazing.  His office is always very pleasant and accommodating to my crazy schedule.  I highly recommend his office-Susan F.

09/19/17 Dr Matthews is great & has helped me so much on my healing journey!! After a car accident left me suffering for a long time which many doctors & practitioners couldn't help me with, I was able to find relief with Dr. Matthews. Thankful that I found him! - Amanda A.    

Dr.Matthews is the only one that has been able to help me with the hip pain that I have had for 3 years,after the first treatment I was able to walk without pain,thank you so much,I will recommend him to all I know.- June D 03/09/17

3/7/2016 Dr Matthews helped me through some lower back pain with care and compassion . He taught me some exercises and stretches to guide me towards more self-care. He also ,thankfully, did not try to get me to come continually as other chiropractors tend to do , but to come when I need care.  George T

Mr. Matthews is a well educated, patient doctor with great techniques. He wants to help you along the healing path. He never appears to be in a rush and is always willing to answer questions. I have been using chiropractors regularly for 5 years and Mr. Mattews is a consummate professional. Highly recommended. -Chris D

Superior and professional service and a reasonable price, too, Brian Matthews and his staff are great. Brian shows a real empathy for the patient's issue and takes the time to listen and arrive at a solution. He also cares enough to take phone calls and to discuss a problem. His office is very flexible with scheduling and accommodates last minute appointment requests.  The receptionist is also very friendly and shows genuine concern. My highest recommendation. -Marc L  03/08/15

Dr. Matthews is an honest, knowledgeable professional who helped me immeasurably with my problems and gave me lessons on managing my physical being.  I would highly recommend him. -Darbyann D 03/01/15

I have been going to Dr. Matthews for 16 months.  He is always professional, accurate, attune, never over does it, and I always feel better when I leave.  I highly recommend Dr. Matthews, he is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to.   -Emily  W. 2/12/13

Knowing that I have a chiropractor that goes the extra mile has been a great launching point for me to share you with my network of friends and colleagues. Please keep up the good work.


After hurting his low back, my husband saw Dr. Matthews while on vacation. It was his first time to a chiropractor and we didn't know what to expect. Dr. Matthews did a great job of explaining the treatments and injury. He had him back on his feet after two visits. Thank you..


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